Photo of a Woman Cruising on a Jet Ski Rental in Myrtle Beach.North Shore Oceanfront Hotel is central to everything that the Grand Strand has to offer, including a complimentary water park, quintessential small towns, the Boardwalk and Promenade, and world-class golf courses. Because there’s so much action along the Strand, it’s easy to forget about the vast, azure Atlantic Ocean that greets the hotel every morning with a golden, heartwarming sunrise. Aquatic activities include, but are not limited to, deep-sea fishing, oceanic kayaking, and, of course, jet skiing (also known as “wave running”). Finding an affordable jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach isn’t overly challenging. However, only a handful of local outfits feature state-of-the-art watercrafts, a convenient locale, and painless, pre-ride instruction.

Locate a Quality Jet Ski Rental in Myrtle Beach

The newly-upgraded and rebranded North Shore Oceanfront Hotel, as its name suggests, rests along the Atlantic’s sandy shoreline. It’s natural never to want to leave the property. After all, the hotel boasts exclusive beach access, an on-site (and free) water park, and a blacklight mini-golf course. But sometimes the sea’s call is too great to ignore. Locating a quality jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is as simple as reading the three blurbs below. We outline our three favorite options, all of which are located within eight miles of the hotel. Before you know it, you’ll be blazing through the Atlantic without a care in the world and a goofy smile on your face.

1. Myrtle Beach Watersports

The aptly-named Myrtle Beach Watersports (MBW) is headquartered just a few clicks north of the hotel along the southern edge of the thin Intracoastal Waterway. It’s worth noting that the one-hour self-guided tour doesn’t reach the ocean. That being said, you’ll have swift access to a meandering, wake-less zone that sees little-to-no boat traffic. If you’re hoping to spot a pod of bottlenose dolphins during your long-awaited aquatic escapade, then we recommend MBW’s North Myrtle Beach location.

2. Ocean Watersports

Hopping aboard a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is bound to stir up strong feelings of adrenaline, especially if you’re heading out into the ferocious Atlantic. Because the sea is much less forgiving than the Intracoastal Waterway, Ocean Watersports requires riders to be 16 years of age or older. Their Sea-Doos are as fast as lightning, making the one-hour journey seem like a lifetime of exhilaration and smile-inducing shrieks of joy.

3. Action Water Sportz

Action Water Sportz—note the “z”—has three convenient locations, as they say. But only one is convenient to North Shore Oceanfront Hotel’s eager guests: the Barefoot Landing locale. Yes, the marina is only six miles away from the hotel, but the real treat is that Barefoot Landing doubles as an entertainment, culinary, and tour-based mecca. No other jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach allots as much potential Intracoastal Waterway acreage. Riders will discover approximately 20 miles of fun (including a trip to and from the ocean).

Valuable Oceanfront Hotels in Myrtle Beach

Photo of North Shore Hotel's Oceanside Pool Area, Just a Short Drive from a Jet Ski Rental in Myrtle Beach.As mentioned earlier, North Shore Oceanfront Hotel boasts a water park, an indoor mini-golf course, and some of the best balcony views in the city. But don’t forget about the newly-upgraded arcade (the Family FunZone), the brand new Beachfront Kitchen & Bar, and the head-turning golf packages, including deep discounts at some of the Grand Strand’s premier courses. With so much natural beauty and family-friendly entertainment, it’s no wonder that Myrtle Beach is considered the East Coast’s most desirable seaside destination. Please give us a call today at 800-959-6418 to make a long-awaited reservation (or check availability online).